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Shooting Katatonia from the crowd, 2006

Concert photography is one of the few activities that completely draws me in (the present) and liberates me. I consider it an extreme sport, combining the spontaneity of street photography, the playfulness of portrait shots and the fleeting character of action pictures. I tend to stress that I’m more interested in the process than the final result. I find that it is increasingly difficult to surpass my aesthetic standards and I’m thrilled when I come across 1 or 2 extraordinary pieces in a single night’s shooting.

I started shooting gigs back in 2005 (sneaking in a camera at a Dead Can Dance performance), first just to capture the occasional favourite band, then more and more to lose myself and go with the flow. I abandoned the practice in 2011 simply because it involved too much begging for passes/permits. Since I preferred to work freelance (= a fancy way of saying I was shooting for my own good and distributing photos freely), using my camera depended on the goodwill of others. It made the whole thing feel pathetic.

I guess I’m now back with a revenge, ehh. Some things have changed, a few familiar faces remain but there are certainly more ”photographers” out there. Still, lesser gigs are rarely covered and bands are always happy to see your takes. And I’m grateful to be shooting, so it’s a win-win. I will occasionally try my hand at big names, too, unless it involves too much pleading ;)

Anyways, enjoy the show and I hope you find something to your liking. 

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